Capture the memory of loved ones with grief journey art.

After the memorial, it’s a new beginning. Travel that journey with something unique to you and your loved one.

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My name is Preston Zeller, and we share the loss of a loved one.

In 2019, my own brother died. The aftermath of grief was such that I knew I had to do something drastic, so I threw myself into a multi-year-long project of painting every day for a year. During this time, I developed a way to help others in their grief journey as well. Perhaps the following will resonate with you…

Watch "Messy Middle"

This short film was created as a retrospective to "The Art of Grieving" feature film, released in 2022. If you are struggling with grief, this is a great place to start in understanding the "Messy Middle" of grief with some takeaways for you.

Grief Presents Challenges and Opportunities

In the aftermath of a loss, we’re left with so many questions about the future and reminders our loved one is not here anymore. What does this look like?

Burial and Cremation

Burial headstones are static and geographically limiting for those who wish to visit it. Cremation ashes are often left stuck in the box you were given and fail to transform beyond that.

The Memorial

This is the culmination point for acquaintances and friends, but it’s just the beginning for you. It’s a loss that rattles your bones and the grief is here to stay.

Keepsakes Aren't Enough

His sweater, her perfume, that music you enjoyed together. The remains of their life become mere reminders of your loss, triggering past memories and the stolen time of the future with your loved one.

Personal, but Not Personalized

Off-the-shelf products like urn necklaces are a nice touch, but they lack a personal touch that taps into your unique relationship with your loved one.

You deserve something that reflects the uniqueness of your journey.

I help create an original art piece that reflects your grief journey and the memory of your loved one. Your memories and your strong emotional attachment are all transformed into a singular commemorative piece deeply unique to you.

Your memories, brought to life

Grief is anything but static. It’s deeply personal and changes as you do over time. This is why I focus on a personal process to create your abstract painting. Here’s how it works.


1 on 1 Commission Consultations

During this process, we do a deep dive into your memory of your loved one. If this is a collective memory, broader stories are helpful as well.

Create a Shared Vision

By looking at previous grief-inspired works I’ve done, we’ll identify a visual aesthetic that works well to convey your story.

Blueprint Your Piece

In combining the memories of your loved one, your desires, and selecting a visual aesthetic, we create a blueprint for a piece unique to you and your loved one.

In-Progress Updates

During the process, you receive 1-2 updates of the piece to ensure we’re on track and capturing your vision.

Receive Your Original Painting

The painting is shipped to your home, fully insured, and with a signed statement of authenticity for insurance, tax purposes, or resale.

Hear from others

Collector Interviews

Hear from past collectors the impact original art has had on their life. These interviews are a fun way for collectors to share more about themselves and how they got into art, as well as the problem they’re solving.

Tiffany Vaughan 🇨🇦

"Honor it. Don't think there's a time frame to just get over it."

Jacy Easton 🇺🇸

"Keep your mind open to the different ways healing can manifest."

Mark Huffman 🇺🇸

"Get a support system, and consider investing in something that's personal to you for the process."

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