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Director, Producer, Writer
The Art of Greiving
Award Winning Documentary
Seen in 30+ countries

Creator of “The Mosaic”
A 10 foot by 20.5 foot art installation
365 Paintings
4,500 backlights

Creator of “Commemorate Grief Paintings”
Original therapeutic and creative process

My Values and Source of Inspiration


Knowing what I stand for and owning that completely.


Forging and fostering bonds with other people is how we grow.


Being grateful for those who have helped me find my path.


Learn the unknown and push yourself to new heights.

Preston Zeller
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Artist Statement

Simply put, my artistry is driven by the desire to connect to other humans through real stories and the emotion behind those stories.

But it wasn’t always so simple. 

I believe it’s not uncommon for artists to be able to create, but not exactly understand why they’re creating or where it’s coming from. In fact, this is one of the biggest questions an artist must ask of themselves is why they do what they do. The clearer one answers that, the more intentional their craft becomes.

Finding your “why” can be as elegant as an epiphany or as blunt as a sledgehammer. The ladder was how I came to mine.

In February of 2019, I lost my only brother, Colin, from an unexpected overdose of fentanyl. This became my reason for painting, but not in the ways I expected.

In the Summer following his death, I held an art show which prominently displayed works centering around the death and grieving process of losing my brother. Keep in mind, these are all abstract works, so most didn’t understand my true approach to the paintings until I shared their meaning.

One after another, I fell into deep conversations where other people began relating to my own experience.  Eyes welled up as attendees began sharing their stories of loss and heartache. It was then that I made the distinct connection between art and finding my “why”.

In a way, painting is still a way I connect to the loss of my brother, but bigger than that is creating an open dialogue with others about the subject of loss, grieving, and a return to joy.



  • The Art of Grieving Festival – 2022 – Leeds, UK (doc screening)
  • Chagrin Falls Documentary Festival – 2022 – OH (doc screening)
  • Socal Film Awards – 2022 – CA (doc screening)
  • New Filmmakers NY – 2022 – NY (doc screening)
  • LA Film Awards – 2022 – LA (doc screening)
  • Santa Monica Film Festival – 2022 – CA (doc screening)
  • Georgetown Art Hop – 2022 – Georgetown, TX
  • Texas Film Festival – 2021 – TX (doc screening)
  • Vancouver Art Walk – 2019 – Vancouver, WA


  • “Messy Middle” – Short Film – 2023
  • “The Art of Grieving” – Feature Film (Documentary) – 2022
    • Available on Amazon Prime/Freevee, AppleTV, YouTubeTV, Tubi, and Plex
  • “Alaska in Perspective” – Photography Book – 2010


  • Best Documentary – Love Wins Int’l Film Festival – 2022
  • Honorable Mention (documentary) – Santa Monica Film Festival – 2021
  • Best Documentary – LA Film Awards – 2021
  • Finalist – Texas Film Festival – 2021
  • Honorable Mention (documentary) – Influx Film Awards – 2021
  • Best Documentary – Bridge Fest – 2021



My art background consists of multiple mediums. Other than fine art programs as a child and again in high school, my painting skills are mostly self-taught and inspired by formal training that spans photography, music, film, and graphic design.


2005-2009: Chapman University, Orange, CA
Film Production

2007: College International De Cannes, Cannes, France
French Language, International Business

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