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The Art of Grieving

Preston paints his way through an entire year with a painting every day.

Selections below are from the year-long series.

Rolling off the heels of the Majestic Shapes series, ThreeSixtyFive is a deeper exploration into the true effects of grief by delving unto the unconscious brain with abstract style. As part of a larger project, each painting is carefully documented and posted on a daily basis via social media.

By utilizing this approach, Preston is able to explore different abstract techniques while also painting in an intuitive manner which ultimately reveals an abstraction of the mind, and more importantly, the impact of grief. Originals for these are not for sale, though prints are available.

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Majestic Shapes

Exploring the aftermath of death and the initial process of grieving.

Human loss is inevitable, though rarely is anyone equipped to deal with it. This series follows Preston through the loss of his brother portraying the fallout through the use of simple shapes.

Evident in this series is also the layered meaning simple shapes can convey, especially when grouped together. The broad strokes of gold and bronze splatters are meant to dress each shape in a unique fashion, turning them from simple shapes to complex, “majestic”, ones.

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Emerging Man

An man emerges, is it real or a figment?

Intense emotion can be incredibly freeing or entrap even the most aware of people. At a middle-ground melancholic level, all is good, though the extremes of each emerge in their own way. Characterized here are not just the middle, but also two extremes we often face – rage and terror.

It’s especially evident in these times how blinding emotionality can be. Painted to be displayed together, this collection is.a fantastic conversation piece as people generally gravitate towards a certain emotion.


Nature Abstraction

The beauty in nature depicted in an abstract style.

Inspired by trips to the Pacific Northwest (US) and growing up in Southern California, these paintings – completed without reference – are a reimagining of landscapes from the mind.

Perspectives vary from realistic to skewed in order to convey the meaning of the painting better. Whether it’s an inspiration for travel, symbolism, or otherwise, each of these are a unique study into abstracted landscapes.

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Experimental & Exploratory

One-off paintings to explore techniques and styles.

While all of these paintings are abstract in nature, they generally don’t fit into a tight collection, so they’re presented here as one-offs, though still applicable to the body of work.

These paintings explore a multitude of human concepts, cultural issues, as well as personal struggles from the artist.