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Mixing Different Mediums and Techniques in Painting

As a painter, you must have a thorough working knowledge of different mediums and painting techniques. This knowledge…

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5 Tips to Help a Clouded Mind from Grief

Have you been suffering from a cluttered mind as a result of grief? Here, I'll share 5 tips on ways to simply deal with…

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How to Handle the Death Anniversary of a Loved One

Does the death anniversary of your loved one have you feeling restless? Well fear not - read on or watch the video to…

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Choosing the Right Artwork for Restaurants

Finding the right decor for your restaurant can be almost as important as the menu. Adding some artwork can really…

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How Artwork Influences Purchase Decisions

Visual expression of all types has the ability to impact how we think. Whether you’re visiting a museum or simply…

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3 Types of Important Abstract Art Styles

When you think of influential artists, who comes to mind? If you think about great artists such as Van Gogh and Monet,…

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Why Do People Buy Art?

There are plenty of reasons why people buy art. Owning a nice piece of art can not only enhance the room where you put…

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When Does and Doesn’t Abstract Art Work?

If you are looking for some interesting art pieces for your home or office, abstract art can be a fantastic addition.

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