Abstract Art Works

When Does and Doesn't Abstract Art Work?

If you are looking for some interesting art pieces for your home or office, abstract art can be a fantastic addition. However, there will be times when it is not a great fit, either.

Artwork in a room should either be the focal point or an enhancement to the room’s decor. While it will always be your own personal taste, there are a few things to consider before using abstract art pieces.

Abstract Art At Home

It’s your home and you should decorate it however you see fit. But abstract art, as painting, as sculpture or any other medium, can take up a lot of space and attention.

If you choose something like a painting that has a lot going on, it’s a good idea to have the rest of your decor minimal. Plain, solid colors will keep the room flowing and ‘quiet’.

It will also depend on where you are placing it. You don’t want a piece that represents violence or mayhem in a room meant for relaxing and calm. Likewise, if you are decorating a man cave, you don’t likely want fluffy bunnies or calming pastels.

Abstract Art At Work

A nice piece of abstract art can really pull your office together. It can also say a lot about its inhabitants. Keep in mind, however, that certain pieces might not work.

If you are someone meant to command respect and trust, the artwork can say a lot about that. Again, violence and destruction depicted in your office can be very off-putting for people and give them the wrong idea.

Certain, very busy pieces can look great but be a great distraction for clients or guests in your office. If you need to have people really listen and understand what you are telling them, don’t distract them with loud or busy artwork.

Other Factors

Of course, none of this means you shouldn’t buy the piece of art you like. It just means you need to find the right space to hang it. If you work from home, hang whatever you like, as you are likely the only one who will see it.

But artwork depicted with heavy religious overtones or anything else that may be considered inappropriate, like overt sexual nature or something anyone could deem racist or insulting can do damage to your career.

The Choice is Yours

Again, it is up to you and if you like the piece, buy it. But understand there may be things in the piece that you don’t see and others may interpret as offensive or demeaning.

Supporting your local artists should always be encouraged and your taste is your taste. It is important to consider who will be seeing the pieces and how they may react or interpret them.

Often, the title of the piece may not resemble what you see. That is the beauty and the disadvantage of abstract art. Different people can see beauty and horror in the same piece. One may love it, as you do, and one may hate it and make judgments on you, based on their own interpretation.

But buy it anyhow