There are plenty of reasons why people buy art. Owning a nice piece of art can not only enhance the room where you put it but it can be a nice investment, as well.

Sometimes people just buy something because they need to cover up a mark on their wall or a need to decorate their new office.

Why Do We Buy Art?

1. Emotional Attachment

People buy art because they like it. They see a painting or a sculpture and are moved by it emotionally. It could evoke a deep, happy memory, it might remind them of a place they have been or they just really like how it looks visually.

It could be the colors they like or a combination of the colors. We often look at art and are transported back to a place in our childhood or a happier time in our lives.

Sometimes the scene the artwork represents is familiar and comforting. It might remind you of your Grandmother’s house, visits to the lake or a place you used to live many years ago.

People who buy art for the love of the piece often don’t care about the price. That can also mean that they see a copy of something they like at the local framing shop for $20 and buy it simply because they like it.

2. Support Local Artists

People will also often buy a piece of artwork to support a local artist, be it a stranger or a friend or family member. This can happen frequently if the artist is having a local showing of their work.

People don’t always buy the art for themselves. They may buy it and then pass it on as a gift for a friend or loved one. They could pass it on to a charity as a donation like a hospital or some other non-profit organization.

It’s a lovely gesture and by displaying the local artist’s work in your home or office, you will encourage conversation and interest about the artist to other people who see it. It’s a great way to get a nice piece of artwork and support your local community.

3. As An Investment

People love to buy art as a great way to make money. They often have no emotional attachment to the piece, only a certainty that it will increase in value.

People investing in art as an investment may also love the piece. It could be an investment they plan on handing down through their family as an inheritable asset.

This is done when a famous piece goes to auction, a new artist is getting a lot of attention or there is a sudden peak in a certain artist’s work. It can often happen if a certain celebrated artist passes on.

4. For The Clout

Imagine the envy of all your friends when they see that Picasso or Rembrandt print on your wall. Often, the name and reputation of a famous artist are enough for people to buy it, regardless of whether they actually like it or not.

These are often purchased by people who can afford the piece without worry. It might be an investment, also, but often, it’s all about the bragging rights about owning a certain piece that matters most.

They will often have the piece on display so everyone will be able to see it. Many times, people will know very little about the piece itself, only that the artist is famous and they want to have it.

5. Collectors

There are art loves who like to collect art for the sake of completing their collection. It can be from a local artist they appreciate or famous pieces that surface and come on the auction market.

There may a desire to own certain pieces because of the period they were done in, the artist, themself or simply because the collector likes the work. Sometime people will display it, often time, they will donate it to a museum.

Art For Art’s Sake

Whatever your motivation, art will continue to be made, loved and purchased. The old maters will continue to resurface and be sold again and again, all for more money.

Investing in any art at whatever level is always welcome. Sharing beautiful things with yourself, your friends and loved ones makes life a little more bearable. Investing in a local artist makes their life more bearable, as well.

There is no accounting for taste, so buy what you like. If you like it and it moves you, there is more than enough motivation to buy a piece of artwork to love.