Corporate Art Buying

Solutions Tailor-Made for Corporate Art Buyers and Art Consultants

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Make Art Buying an Enjoyable Experience

When it comes to searching for the perfect piece, it’s easy to get overwhelmed while sifting through marketplace websites. You know exactly why too – nearly anyone with an internet connection can post their artwork online. Styles are vast, available sizes can vary greatly, and most artists don’t paint with the intent of their work being used in a corporate fashion.

For these reasons and many others, we’ve designed a program specifically for corporate art buying and licensing – affording you flexibility in pricing, coloring, print solutions, and digital files. Instead of messing around in congested marketplaces, consider licensing through Zellerhaus Art.

Licensing with Zellerhaus Art

We have a number of services to aid you with nailing your next project and impressing the client. Repeat business? No problem.

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Single Style

A single artist style makes it easier to tie design themes together and convey flow throughout the space.

Interior Design

Services are available to assist with selecting the right artwork. 


Hue changes? Greyscale? Gradient mapping? Options are limited to your imagination. Recolor to perfection.

Modular Flexibility

Our designs can be resized and reformatted for maximum modularity.

Bulk Discounts

Depending on the size of your job, we'll work with you to ensure the best prices to match the quality you demand.

Printing Solutions

Paper, poster, canvas, metal – take your pick.

Artwork in Action

Art leasing

Lease Art for Your Next Video Shoot

Whether you’re a Production Designer or the Director, great artwork can help distinguish a set between professional and amateur. Abstract artwork is the perfect solution for all types of shoots to complement the foreground elements.

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Ready to discuss your next project? We’ll walk you through the whole process and discuss your options.

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Recoloring - Before and After

As an Art Consultant, you know the impact color has on a space. We can recolor and reframe any of the artwork to your liking through our design services.

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