Preston Zeller


Artist Statement

Throughout my life as an artist of multiple mediums, the goal has always been one thing - self-expression. Specifically, to translate deep seeded thoughts and emotion into a way that’s easier for me to understand and others to relate to.

Life is complicated, full of many ups and downs. When we’re in the highs, we never want to let go, though we wouldn’t understand their true value absent of the lows. The lows are where we develop character, resilience, and identify truth.

It’s not until we’re raw with self-reflection in these low moments that the perception of self merely resides in a state of verisimilitude. Facing dark times and bright moments with a blunt honesty is where we truly begin to understand who we are. That’s the mission I’m on.

It would be naive to think life is always grand. I consider myself a realist at heart with a speedometer of optimism, pushing the pedal to the floor when needed and coasting when it makes sense to. In the end, grit prevails - the persistent ability to work even through the toughest of times and win.

My work and emotions have manifested in so many ways artistically, including music, graphic design, photography, videography, and woodworking. Painting for me is another one of these outlets where I hope to connect and relate to others around the world simply by exploring the bevy of human emotions.

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