Some people buy art simply because they like it. Others buy art because they are collectors, or they may want a piece because it’s is done by a famous artist. Some people buy art as an investment.

An art consultant, like a consultant in any other field, is someone who advises you on art. They have education, knowledge appreciation for art and they also may help or conduct the transaction of buying art for you.

Where Do They Work?

Hiring an art consultant is hiring someone who can educate you on art. They help individuals and corporations alike. A good art consultant will know about the masters, what artwork of theirs may be coming up for sale and how much the piece is expected to sell for.

They also know all about new artists, who to keep an eye on, who is making waves in the art scene and whether they are worth the investment. Someone new in the art scene may be getting a lot of attention. When that happens, there is a rush to buy their work.

The consultant will know where to get these sought-after pieces. They may attend auctions, go to gallery openings or know the artists personally. They can help you negotiate the transaction for a piece of art you want.

Individuals and Groups

Art consults also work for bigger companies and corporations. Perhaps they are commissioned to find some interesting artwork for a new law firm or a hospital. They will be able to make sure the pieces are within their budget, appropriate for the setting and to make sure it is going to be a worthwhile investment.

Someone might prefer the old Dutch masters, or maybe they like a newer contemporary artist. The consultant goes out ahead to make arrangements for meetings, showings and negotiations.

Vast Knowledge

Art consultants will have a minimum of a bachelor of arts degree. Couple that with daily learning about art, artists and the world of art, they can tell you everything you need to know, and somethings you didn’t.

There is also a strong liaison relationship with the consultant, the buyer, and the artists or the gallery, or both. Often, established buyers have exclusive access to certain works, as consultants help buyers establish them in the art community.

It can be very difficult for individuals or a group to purchase art pieces that are highly desirable. Many galleries may only sell to people they already know, someone connected to the consultant or a high profile buyer, like a celebrity of some kind.

Hanging Artwork

Hiring a Consultant

If you are new to buying art or art collection, you need to talk to a consultant. You can’t just go into a gallery and buy something off the wall that you like. That may be the case in some smaller, local galleries, but almost always, there will be a consultant involved to make the transaction go smoothly.

They get paid by receiving a regular fee if they are someone you often use or they get a percentage of the sale of the artwork. They do the bidding at auctions, meet the artists for you and offer sound advice on those artists and they can introduce you to other people who work in the market.

When a consultant buys the artwork for you, they are often offered a small discount from the gallery. So, in essence, you are not paying them for their consultation. They sell you the art for the asking price and receive their payment that way. You don’t actually pay more for art when you buy through a consultant.

Whether you are buying one piece or looking to buy several pieces, the consultant will do all the work for you. They know where to go, how to find great work within your budget and who to talk to about it.

The Consultant Works for You

When you hire a consultant for advice or buying art, they are looking for the pieces that suit your tastes and needs, not theirs. Because they know so much about art, they are able to remove themselves from whether they personally like it or not and find what you are looking for.

They look at your space and ask about what types of works you want. You can go to galleries together and let them know the style, colors and themes you like best. They will use that information to find you the best pieces within your budget.